TKRL + Creatis was created in Boston, MA in 2005 by Mohit Thukral. He partnered with a leading exporter to create a textile and rug company, based on personalization and openness using open innovation principles. 

From 2005 - 2014, in collaboration with the design community, we offered an eclectic design collection that allowed for personalization in small batches. We worked with recognized and reputed buyersJayson Home (Chicago), Wildflower (Austin), J Banks Design (Hilton Head), Jennifer Garrigues (Palm Beach), Rooms & Gardens (Santa Barbara).

In 2014, the company was moved to Jaipur, India. It was here, inspired by the richness in age-old craftsmanship, that we transformed ourselves to a maker. We've made private label textiles for celebrated designersPeter Dunham, Beth Lacefield, Jill Sorensen, Beth Arrowood.

In 2017, we started an initiative, Creatis, to stimulate creativity. Choose from a copious amount of art forms and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Learn from makers that have a collective experience of 300+ years. Create your own unique product and allow raw creativity to flow through you in Jaipur, the handicraft capital of India.