TKRL + Creatis was created in Boston, MA in 2005 by Mohit Thukral. He partnered with a leading exporter to create a textile and rug company, based on personalization and openness using open innovation principles. 

From 2005 - 2014, in collaboration with the design community, we offered an eclectic design collection that allowed for personalization in small batches. We worked with recognized and reputed buyersJayson Home (Chicago), Wildflower (Austin), J Banks Design (Hilton Head), Jennifer Garrigues (Palm Beach), Rooms & Gardens (Santa Barbara).

In 2014, the company was moved to Jaipur, India. It was here, inspired by the richness in age-old craftsmanship, that we transformed ourselves to a maker. We've made private label textiles for celebrated designersPeter Dunham, Beth Lacefield, Jill Sorensen, Beth Arrowood.

In 2016, we started an initiative, Creatis, to empower makers. Via our workshops, textile enthusiasts choose from a copious amount of art forms - including block print, embroidery, stitch. Today, Creatis offers 50+ workshops for all ages.